Best pans to use on gas stoves

Basically, gas stoves are the more traditional methods of cooking however they are still preferred by many households because they are a lot less costly and that they can bring out the best flavor in every recipe. With the modern advancements in technology, many cookware have been created to tailor specific cooking needs. However with the substantial number of options available in the market, it becomes difficult to find the best cookware for gas stoves and one that suits a specific need. Pans in particular are one of the most used cookware in the kitchen. While it can be used in frying, it can also be used for other cooking and food preparation needs. To help you find the ideal pans to use when you are using a gas stove, we’ll share with you some of your best options and how you can make the most out of them.

Pans that are best for gas stoves

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Finding a cookware such as a pan that suits your needs makes cooking a lot easier and brings about better flavor to your food. To help narrow down your list of pan choices, we’ve laid out all the essential information that you need to know prior to cashing in on your ideal pan. Know that looks may be deceiving when buying any cookware. However with these tips and list of choices, you’ll be sure to stay away from making any mistake when purchasing.

Stainless steel pans

Among the classic and traditional types of pans are the stainless steel pans. While these pans are considered the classic type of pans, they are practically more durable and a lot more resistant to rusting and stains compared to other types. These types of pans are also best for braising and browning along with frying ventures. Today, stainless steel pans are easy to find because of their mass production and manufacturing numbers and with this they are usually sold in sets as well as in much cheaper price compared to other pan types.

The best thing about this traditional pan is that it heats fast and thus can also cook fast especially when frying. Also, it is easy to maintain and does not require specific scrubs or cleaning formula to get rid of any grime, grease, or rust.

Nonstick pans

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One of the best things that man invented when it comes to cookware is the nonstick capability of pans. With its nonstick feature, it becomes effortless to clean and maintain the pan. Also, an added benefit of nonstick pans is that they frying and sautéing food is not only easy but also healthy as it doesn’t require any oil to keep the food from sticking to the pan.

The only setback of using nonstick pans is that they can be sensitive to friction which usually occurs when using a steel kitchenware or utensils to stir, turn or scoop in the pan. Also, it is sensitive to rough and porous scrubbers and chemicals when cleaning.

Enameled cast iron pans

Another alternative to consider when choosing for your ideal pan especially when you’re planning to sauté, brown, fry and sear is the enameled cast iron pan. It is a highly durable type of pan to use for any cooking venture and is usually designed to be served as a bowl on the food table. It comes with covered designs that are ideal for stewing, roasting meat, braising, grilling, and many other tasks.

One excellent trait of this particular pan is that it retains heat for a long time thus you are able to save more on your gas. Unlike nonstick pans, this pan is resistant to any acidic ingredients and is also more resistant to corrosion and rusting. The only possible downside of using enameled cast iron pans is that they are usually heavy due to the added iron on their base.

Uncoated cast iron pans

If you don’t like nonstick pans and you don’t want an enameled cast iron pan because they’re a bit too heavy then you can go with the uncoated cast iron pan. These are more of the traditional types of pans however are designed to be nonstick without the actual nonstick design. These pans are also called the pans with a natural nonstick feature which enables convenience particularly when frying as it has lesser chances of sticking. These pans are also a common preference by many when cooking large chunks of meat such as beef steak.

These pans are highly durable and can be placed inside the oven when baking.

Carbon steel pans

If you want the most durable types of pans then you can invest in carbon steel pans. These pans are made from carbon steel which can endure a great deal of pressure along with heat. These types of pans are the common preference for people who love to cook outdoors. These pans are also longer lasting and are also resistant to corrosion. The only possible downside of opting for these types of pans is that they are usually more expensive and can be hard to find.

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