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Cycle Brewing Takes Off

Cycle Brewing

The beer-making innovations of Doug Dozark at Peg's Cantina have inspired a new venture - Cycle Brewing. Doug, with the assistance of brew team Eric Trinosky and Kristina Kirk, have plans to take the brews he made famous at Peg's to St Pete and beyond.

He hopes to have at least 16 craft beers available at local venues soon. "I wanna be in St. Pete to do more events. Get more people out, more people aware, bring something quality to St. Petersburg." Doug is looking at possible downtown locations now. recently placed Peg's Cantina among the top 5 brewpubs in all of Florida, and Doug's "Rare D.O.S." beer (aged in oak whiskey barrels) currently ranks on the Beer Advocates top 100 list.

Cycle Brewing promises to be at the forefront of the blossoming craft beer rennaisance in the Tampa Bay area. Read what the critics are saying about Cycle Brewing or visit our Facebook page today to see the latest news.

Cycle brews are distributed by Red Door Distributing in St. Petersburg, Florida.

For a current inventory, price list and ordering, send an e-mail to

Or, if you can't wait, stop by Peg's and taste what all the excitement is about.

Here's a sampling of what's in store:

Core Brand:

Freewheel Pale Ale: This 4.7% hop bomb is loaded with New Zealand hops bringing out passionfruit, pineapple and other exotic fruit aromas balanced with a mild sweetness and lingering hop finish without any bitter astringency. Straw colored and light in body, satisfies those craving hops but not a ton of alcohol as well as lighter beer drinkers looking to try something new.

Rotating Beers:

Blind Date: A dark amber colored ale with a fair amount of pacific northwest hops give this style bender a unique flavor profile. With a modest ABV of 5.2% and a medium body Blind Date can give amber ale, brown ale or even IPA drinkers a new experience. The aroma is balanced between piney, earthy hops and rich chocolate and caramel malts and the flavor continues with more of the same and finishes with a malty taste and almost no hop bitterness.

Bottom of the 9th Brown: A classic brown ale, a bit on the dark side in order to incorporate as much chocolate and nut character without pushing into the porter or stout worlds. Bottom of the 9th is sure to meet the approval of dark beer drinkers and those who enjoy malt to the fullest. 5.6% ABV

Dancing Cody IPA: This IPA is packed with a blend of US and Southern Hemisphere hops giving a huge pineapple aroma and balancing sweetness to make it one of the juiciest IPA's around. The heady aromas fill the sinuses and continue to build with each sip. Hops are strong in the flavor as well giving a full consistent hop flavor across the entire palate but without a raking bitterness. A Florida West Coast IPA to be sure, this ale is far more complex than just hops but as with any IPA the malt and sweetness play a supporting role to bring the carefully selected hop blends to their maximum potential. 6.5% ABV

Ryerish Red: One of the most approachable ales produced by Cycle Brewing is this classic Irish Red ale with all of its caramel malt and gentle hopping but with the added nuance of rye. The rye comes across in the aroma as well as the flavor with a mild spice character and lends a more full flavor to an already malty style. Ryerish Red is easy to enjoy for all levels of craft beer drinkers. 5.0% ABV

Cream and Sugar Please Sweet Porter: This coffee porter is brewed with chocolate and dark chocolate malts to give a robust backbone for the lactose (milk sugar) to build on and is finished with Mazarro's coffee to create a beer with a silky mouthfeel, rich flavor, and the satisfying taste of coffee. 4.9% ABV

Wee Wee Scottish Ale:This wee version of a scottish ale is only small in terms of ABV, the flavor profile is rich with chocolate and munich malts. The color is an almost purple color leaning towards brown ale but without any roasty or nutty character giving it that distinct Scottish ale quality. Quaffable and approachable make this an easy suggestion for anybody preferring malty beers. 5.0% ABV

Resolutionary Ale: A classic looking hazy golden beer with huge citrus and tropical fruit aromas derived solely from the specific hop blend make this American Wheat stand out. Almost no bittering hop addition gives the flavor a unique sweetness to compliment all the juicy hops. Cycle's New Year's resolution was to craft even better beers, our favorite versions of classic styles and share it with as many people as possible. Viva La Resolution! A.B.V. 4.9%

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