IPA Beer List: 12 Awesome Fruit IPAs That You Need To Try

Are you an Indian Pale Ale (IPA) fan and want to try on something different? Just like you, I also crave for some variety especially if it can satisfy both my tastes for hops and fruits. After looking into several IPA beer list online, I have finally found my new favorites.

My quest for variety has led me to discover about fruit infused IPAs. Although, many IPAS have used citrus and grapefruit flavors as defining characteristics, it’s only recently that they incorporated other fruits like apricots and pineapple. If you’re curious to know about some brands that offer this kind of variety, read the list below.


1. Tangerine IPA from Potosi Brewing Company

The Tangerine IPA offers a refreshing twist to traditional IPA by adding fresh tangerine juice along with some orange peel, grapefruit, and earthy hops. Not only does the tangerine offer a citrus aroma, but it also removes the bitterness from your mouth. Learn more about it, in this video below.

This drink is available in four-packs of 16-ounce (oz) cans. It has a caramel sweet taste and a strong hop aroma. According to Wisconsin State Journal, the Tangerine IPA has a nice citrus taste that can even turn any beer lover into an IPA convert.

2. Aprihop IPA from Dogfish Head Brewery

The Aprihop is brewed generously with Pilsner and Crystal malts. Its malt flavor is balanced well with the faint tartness and sweetness of apricot juice. To give that hoppy aroma, the beer is added with Amarillo hops after fermentation.

Many users agree that this IPA has a great apricot undertone and a lasting bitter finish. The taste has a great piney juniper bite to it and a soft but intoxicating aromas of peaches and apricots. In its 12-oz bottle, it boasts a nice balance of IPA bitterness and the fruity flavor of apricot.

3. Grapefruit IPA from Ghostfish Brewing Company

This flagship ale from Ghostfish Brewing Company has won the bronze and gold medals in the gluten-free beer category at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival and 2016 U.S. Beer Open, respectively. Its recognition is all thanks to its mysterious new hop ingredient and grapefruit peel fusion. Other ingredients found in this IPA includes brown rice, tapioca, and candi syrup.

Packaged in a 12-oz can, the Grapefruit IPA offers an overpowering bitter taste and a slight amount of grapefruit citrus undertone. It has a small solid foam which disappears fast and a nice pine hop aroma that leaves your senses longing for a sip.

4. The Liberator from Short’s Brewing Company

The Liberator coins a unique name to refer to Short’s mission to free the people from their prejudice against beer. True enough, this IPA is not your ordinary beer as it also offers a fruity flavor. Blended with lemon and orange zest, every sip of this drink gives a great undertone to the strong taste of hop bitterness.

Although this has a high International Bitterness Units (IBU) at 116, its darker essence hides the bitterness pretty well. The high malt feature, along with the citrus flavors of lemon and orange zest balance the intense hop character of this unique IPA.

5. Mango Evan Keel from Ballast Point

The Mango Evan Keel is a perfect IPA for those who look for an easy drink. In every 12-oz can, it contains 3.8% alcohol by volume (ABV) and 40 IBUs. This clearly indicates that its flavor leans more to a fruity flavor.

You can’t really detect its alcohol content and bitter hops because the strong aroma of mangoes effectively hides them well. You’ll possibly notice a large off-white head when you pour this in a glass. Many users agree that this IPA leaves a pleasantly bitter taste in your palate creating a wonderful session to remember.

6. Sorry Not Sorry from Stone Brewing

Stone Brewing is not apologetic at all as it offers a new bold flavor through its new IPA named Sorry Not Sorry. The generous amount of hops are balanced by the sweetness of pureed peaches. Packaged in a limited 22 oz bottle, this IPA features a 9.3% of ABV and 70 IBUs.

To get a background about “Sorry Not Sorry IPA”, watch this video.

Interestingly, this drink leaves a lingering grapefruit peel taste on the finish. A word of caution towards those with a gluten allergy, this contains barley so you can miss this out from your IPA beer list. Imbibe Magazine suggests warming the IPA a bit before drinking so the wonderful floral aroma bursts forth.

7. Julius from Tree House Brewing Company

Exploding with bitter American hops, Julius is filled with the sweet aromas of peach, passion fruit, and mango. Together, they create a nice fusion in your palate which will leave a nice citrus finish. For its every 16-oz can, it contains 6.5% alcohol.

Julius’ co-owner Nate Lanier describes the taste of this IPA as primarily mango and plentiful of sweet citrus fruits like grapefruit and orange. It also leaves a lingering melon aftertaste which balances well with the pungent taste of hops. All these lead to the reason why customers are liking this drink.

8. Beer Camp Tropical IPA from Sierra Nevada

This Tropical IPA combines the pungent flavors of hops with the sweet citrus flavors of mango, papaya, and bitter orange. The aroma is predominated by a mix of citrus and floral hops while its taste gives a light mix of hops. In every 12 oz bottle, it consists of 6.7 ABV and 55 IBUs.

This drink finishes off-dry as the sweet taste of tropical fruits push the bitterness of hops aside in your palate. Overall, this IPA is a nice easy drink for those who don’t want the dominating taste of bitterness. If you want to go on a tropical experience, start with a sip of Tropical IPA.

9. Goin Coastal from Sweet Water Brewing Company

Goin Coastal is a flavorful IPA highlighted with the taste of pineapple. This is a nice easy drink that has an aroma of tropical fruits, herbs, and citrus. For every 16 oz of Goin Coastal consists of 6.1% ABV and 50 IBUs.

The nice thing about this drink is the mix of flavors that you can get out from a sip. Imagine the juicy and sweet taste of pineapple, the strong taste of citrus hops, and a slightly spicy undertone. Overall, everything is well balanced when it comes to sweet and bitter flavors.

10. Tree Shaker from Odell Brewing Company

The Tree Shaker is a sweet IPA that uses its own local peaches as its major ingredient. With an IBU of 48, we can expect that this drink is dominantly sweet, but it’s not that bad at all as it is being balanced with the pungent taste of high-quality hops. Expect a more hazy appearance as it uses a new filtration system to clear up its beer from fermentors.

The appearance of this IPA has a bright golden shade that is being paired with a fruit aroma. Brewing manager Bill Beymer of Odell shares that the Tree Shaker is a crowd favorite that’s why their team has decided to offer a four-pack option in the market.

11. Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA from Boston Beer Company

The Whitewater IPA exhibits a complex mixture of citrus flavors, pine, wheat, and a slight taste of orange peel. This includes other special ingredients, like apricots and coriander. For every 12-oz bottle of Samuel Adams provides 5.8% of ABV and 61 IBUs.

This hazy beer is slightly sweet thanks to its special ingredient of apricots. It balances the pungent taste of the hops, leaving a pleasant drink experience that you’ll surely love. Interestingly, this IPA can be a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

12. Homefront IPA from Cigar City Brewing

The Homefront IPA drink was developed to aid the armed forces in America in 2011. It is brewed with spices and incorporated with a fresh orange peel. Appearance is deep orange with a bit of haze under a tall, off-white foam.You can watch a comprehensive review about this product in this video.

The nice thing about this product is its advocacy to help the families of wounded service members. Aside from Cigar City, other breweries who took part in Operation Homefront include Sly Fox, Perennial Artisanal Ales, and St. Arnold.

Try an IPA Beer Today!

Creating this IPA beer list has helped me widen my options for some great IPA brands. Now, I can enjoy both the bitter taste of hops and the sweet taste of fruits. Together, they create a nice taste that lets you forget about its alcohol content.

If you have something to share, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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