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Really, What Is The Taste Of Wild Black Beer?

Have you ever tasted some wild black beer already? If you’ll ask me, well, not yet. That’s why I’ve been dying to know what is the taste of wild black beer that everyone is talking about.

I already tried some wild blue beer and wild red beer, but not the wild black beer yet. Since none of my friends can help me with this dilemma, I sought help on the internet. If you’re curious to know what I have discovered, continue reading below.


Introduction to Fruit Beers

wild black beer

The history of fruit beers can be traced back during the Neolithic Age where Chinese villagers made a beverage which constituted of rice, honey, and grapes. The Belgians began this new line of fruit beers by brewing the first cherry Krieks and Lambics in 1930. American small brewing companies also served a vital role in expanding this beer style into new areas.

The secret in crafting the best fruit beer is to make a great base beer. In choosing a base beer, beer styles with less hop aroma and flavor are perfect. Commonly, the forms of fruits used in this beer style are purees, extracts, and whole fruits.

What is the Taste of a Wild Black Beer?

wild black beer

Wild black beer is a fruit beer which is brewed with the aroma and taste of ripe blackberries. Some people find the taste of this full-bodied beer sweet and better than the blue beer. However, other people find the blackberry flavor more manufactured than the red beer.

Shadow’s wild black is a premium blackberry lager that has a lightly sour and lightly bitter taste, but the sweetness is overpowering. If you have a sweet tooth, then this kind of beer may suit you, but if not then this will be a total letdown. Don’t be fooled by its sweetness because it hides about 8% of alcohol content.

Appearance and Aroma of Wild Black Beer

wild black beer

Just like any lagers, the wild black beer takes the shade of color similar to the actual fruit, which is the blackberry. This beer pours a deep purple color which quite similar to the color of a blackberry fruit. Its head has a thin pink shade which very pleasant to look at.

The aroma of fruit beers usually depends on the fruit used. When the fruit is present, other aromatics, like malt or hop characters, are less obvious. Usually, these aromatics are intentionally reduced to enhance the fruity character of the lager. This explains why the wild black beer has a strong blackberry aroma.

Brewing a Wild Blackberry at Home

If you want to make your own wild blue beer, you need your fruits, hops, yeast, and fermenters. Here are the basic steps that you need to follow.

1. Select a base beer style

wild black beer

To achieve the same color of fruit into the appearance of the beer, it is best to pair blackberries with any light-colored beer, like the lager. The lager will enhance its deep purple color and its crisp, clean flavor will bring out the tart, sweet taste of blackberries.

In selecting for the best hops, look for those low alpha bittering ones so you can let the fruit flavor shine. For the yeast, select a clean fermenting one.

2. Add the fruit into the beer

wild black beer

In this case, we’ll be using blackberry fruits to add into the lager. The best time to add the berries is during the second fermentation. Don’t add the berries much later because the sugars won’t ferment.

To get an idea on how to add the fruits into the beer, watch this video. 

In deciding for the amounts of fruit to be added, follow this simple ratio: 1-2 pounds of fruit for every gallon of beer. If you aim for quality, the best fruits to use are fresh but make sure that they’re frozen. Alternatively, you can also use the puree or juice form.

To pour the fruit into the second fermenter, use a funnel tube. Once your fruit is all in the second fermenter, siphon your beer into the same container. You can leave the beer and the fruit in the second fermenter for at least two weeks.

Try Some Wild Black Beer Today!

Wild black beer is a fruit beer that uses blackberries as a fruit flavor. It has a sweet taste and a strong aroma of blackberries. Its color is deep purple while its head is smooth pink. To make your own, here are the basic steps.

Select your base beer style.Add the fruit in the second fermenter, followed by the beer.Leave for at least two weeks.

For questions and suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below. Don’t be shy to share this wonderful article with your beer friends.

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