Want To Know How Much Gluten Is In A Beer?

These days, you can have beer any way you want it. With frizz, or without frizz, even regular to gluten free. Trying to figure out how much gluten is in a beer is a bit complex. Since beers are made from grains, many people assume that having an allergic reaction to grains will automatically make them allergic to beer, too.

This is not always the case, though, especially with the technology and innovations we now have, enabling beer companies to cater and produce for all types of market, even producing beer for the gluten intolerant peeps.

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Is the Taste of Eel Worth the Price?

Eels are so ridiculously expensive that people tend to be curious about its taste just to understand what the fuss is all about. How could there possibly be a market for a thousand dollar per kilogram of fish unless it tastes really, really good, right?

However, that is the wrong question to ask. Not only will I be helping you have an idea as to what eels do taste like, I will also be telling you why they are worth every penny.

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